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Intercultural / Cross-Movement Programs

The ArabAmCC works to strengthen ties and understanding of our diverse communities and identities and grow ways we can live, work, and love together as a collective community. The Center works on a number of programs in collaboration with the other six CCUSC. These include:

  1. Heritage Garden: ArabAmCC contributes to the internship program of the heritage garden. Interns spend a week during the summer with the ArabAmCC exploring issues around environmental and food justice and its relevance and implications in the Arab region and its diaspora.
  2. Solidarity: Working in solidarity with other movements, communities, and struggles enriches the experiences and definitions of our community. Engaging in solidarity and collaborative work allows students to expand their frameworks and understandings of what it means to be Arab in the Arab region and in the U.S., to learn from others' experiences, and make connections with other communities in order to collectively contribute to building a just and equitable society for all.