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COVID-19 Resources

Tips and Resources for Working/Studying from Home Heading link

Top in white has writing Tips for Working/Studying from Home, followed writing in white on teal background with tips for creating office space, followed by a band in white with tips on communicating with your family

The ArabAmCC has developed a set of tools and tops for supporting students working/studying from Home during the COVID-19 crisis. Negotiating time and space while living with others who may have similar or conflicting needs can be a challenging process specially when we are all tense and stressed. Here are few tips based on what has been working for some of our students. If you have suggestions for additions or modifications, do not hesitate to email them to us at:

Learn Something New: Crafts to De-Stress Heading link

Poster is narrow and long. Top band is burgundy followed by a wider green one with the title of the document in white letters. Midway through the poster there is a light blue band that has five images including from left to right scissors, crayons, glue, paints and brush, coloring pencils. Above the band there is a series of text in black font and also under it. The lower part has two images side by side, one shows a hand coloring with a foam block over a stencil and the other shows paint and some papers with a hand usng a scraping tool. The Logo of the center is at the bottom followed by another light burgundy band

Most of our daily routines have changed due to the pandemic

Most of us are navigating this current landscape of political change and want to help out

If you’re looking for a creative outlet  to spend your time while social distancing or finding ways to contribute to causes, here are some crafts you can try at home

Consider Donating what you make to organizations as a form of solidarity

Try your Hands at Something New and Contribute to Groups with a Social Justice Mission

Stigma and COVID-19 Heading link

Blue band on top has the writing Stigma and COVID-19 in white. A Side pink column anwers the question of What is Stigma? A white side column on the right lists items for how can I help and what should I do if I or someone I knwo experiences bias or discrimination at UIC?

COVID-19 is a virus that like other viruses does not discriminate. Nonetheless stigma and discrimination against Asian and Asian Americans has been on the rise. The enclosed link provides information about how to understand Stigma, how to speak up and support folks affected by discrimination.

Know Your Rights During COVID-19 Heading link

A Rectangular image is divided diagonally with a side to the right with the words Know Your Rights During COVID-19 in black big letters. the other side has a yellow triangle with an orange trapezoide on top and a black line running through it, under the organe are three small circles, the medium in black has the word vision next to it, the largest in light blue has the word change next to it and the smallest is in grey and has the word win next it. Under that is the National Lawyers Guild's logo.

The National Lawyers Guild has put together an important resource around our rights during these difficult times. “While the COVID-19 pandemic necessitates public health measures to reduce the impact of the virus on our communities and health care systems, we must be vigilant and resist authoritarian and violent tendencies.” Please note this guide is intended as a resource for community members and does not constitute legal advice.

WLRC/CAN Support During COVID-19 Heading link

Image of Chicago and University Hall of the UIC campus is on top. the bottom two third is blue and says Staying Connected, Updated about COVID-19 and WLRC/CAN with WLRC and CAN's logos at the bottom

WLRC and Campus Advocacy Network are Here for you During this Crisis

Staff are working remotely and can be reached at We will continue to stay connected with you through social media and email.

The Campus Advocacy Network will continue to serve UIC students, faculty, and staff. Our confidential advocate is available for virtual appointments.

To schedule a meeting or request more information, please email or You can also call (312) 413-8206 and leave a voicemail.

We are open to connecting with you in multiple ways:

  • Phone: (312) 413-8206 or (312) 488-9784
  • Video conference (Webex or Google Hangouts)
  • Online chat (Google Chats)
  • Email

Resources for Undocumented Students During COVID-19 Crisis Heading link

the words COVID-19 Resources for Undocumented Students appear in white and yello on a blue background in the top fifth of the paper. Under it includes a list of available resources internal and external to UIC. the bottom as the logos for the office of diversity and UIC Dream in black.

For the undocumented immigrant community, a list of internal and external resources available for support during this time. For any additional questions, contact Tanya Cabrera, Assistant Vice Provost for Student Inclusion at or call 312-355-0011.

Internal resources include:

  • DACA renewal assistance and legal counsel
  • Emergency Funding
  • Counseling
  • UIC Pop-up Pantry
  • Cultural Centers

External resources include:

  • Bilingual information on Pandemic at State of IL
  • City of Chicago Resources on financial matters, mental and physical health, and food pantries

UIC COVID Response and Resources Heading link

UIC created a page of information and resources around what the campus is doing in response to COVID-19 and How you can access support.

Financial Resources Heading link

UIC has created two funds to support students facing challenges because of COVID-19. You can support the effort or apply for funds here:

Activist Kelly Hayes created the Chicago COVID-19 Hardship and Help Page: