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Special Programs

This area mainly refers to specific initiatives that the center undertakes alone or in collaboration with other departments and units across campus

Blue background has dispersed scientific tools drawing such as microscope, the globe, a rocket, and dna strand in blue. The flyer has writing in Red, pink and white with the Center's logo at the bottom right in white

1. Arabs / MENA in STEM Fields

Arabs / MENA in STEM Fields program aims to support Arab American and MENA American students in STEM fields, showcase the important scientific contributions of Arabs and MENA in STEM fields, and enable student to explore the links between their identity and heritage and their career choices and field of study preferences.

  • During the Fall 2021 semester, the program organized with collaboration from Prof. Saleh Hamdan a Symposium that featured UIC professors speaking about their experiences and sharing important lessons. (video links will be available soon)
  • During Spring 2022, the ArabAmCC hopes to pilot a mentorship program that links between MENA/Arab Faculty and graduate students and undergraduate students to provide mentorship and guidance as students pursue their studies and future careers. If interested, please sign up for the program hear.
  • During Spring 2022, A roundtable on Arabs/MENA Women in STEM will be organized.
  • During Spring 2022, a visit for highschool students to the campus is planned.
  • Follow our Social Media Campaign to learn more about Arab/MENA scientists historically and today:
A Print out of a Newspaper article with a title on top over a black and white photograph of students standing in three rows, some are we wearing suits and ties, some seaters, some are wearing glasses, and some have mustaches. A short blurb describing the organization is to the right and a list of their names is under the photo

2. Oral History, Archival, and Storytelling Project: aims to record and preserve generations of Arab and Arab American student activism and organizing on US campuses. Starting with the active engagement of Arab and Arab American students at UIC since the 60s onwards, this project will gather artifacts and stories, organize them, and make them accessible to the general public but primarily to future generations of incoming students to the campus.

Graduating students in cap and gown pose for picture

3. Zaffah, Knafah, and Graduation Haflah: Arab American Graduation party. The ArabAmCC organizes a graduation in the Spring semester that is open to Arab and Arab American students and others with connections and ties to the region and the Center. The graduation ceremony usually invites a keynote speaker and highlights several artistic productions in a night of celebration bringing parents, students, staff, faculty, and community together. In a political climate where Arab and Muslim Americans are demonized and targeted, celebrating our accomplishments and encouraging our students to keep contributing to our society and not be afraid to state who they are become even more importan

White flier with quarter circle in red on the top right corner and a triangle in blue on the bottom left corner. An image of a megaphone in black on the top left corner and an graphic image ofa person in pink shirt and blue overalls holding a sign is on the bottom right corner. Writing is in blue, black, and red.

4. Student Leadership Institute: The Arab American Cultural Center’s Summer Leadership Institute aims to equip students to enact change at their institutions and in their communities. Students train with ArabAmCC staff, UIC partners, UIC alumni, and MENA-led community organizations to gain the tools and literacy to advocate for themselves & their communities, in & beyond the classroom.

Summer 2022 Institute days will be May 17, 18, and 19.

To apply: