History, Mission and Vision

Founded in 2016 by UIC faculty and staff, the Arab American Cultural Center grew out of the Arab and Muslim American Community Network (AMAC), which was established three years prior. The ARABAMCC is the first cultural center serving Arab Americans on a college campus in the United States. It stands to serve individuals who affiliate with Arab and Arab American cultures, languages, and communities as well as anyone interested in building alliances with our communities.

The Arab American Cultural Center seeks to affirm the diverse needs of the Arab American students; to increase awareness about Arab American cultures and histories; and to build community, solidarity, and safe spaces while promoting social justice, equality, and inclusivity at UIC and the Chicagoland area.

To accomplish our vision and mission we strive to:

  • Assist students and staff gain access to the resources needed for academic and professional success
  • Create an archive of Arab American needs and stories at UIC
  • Build safe and joyous spaces for fostering safety and belonging
  • Affirm the various identities of the Arab region and its diasporas
  • Provide educational resources to the UIC community about Arabs, Muslims, and Arab and Muslim Americans
  • Support the transition and the language barriers facing international students from the Arab region
  • Strengthen communities through Arab and Arab American arts and cultures
  • Build alliances among UIC students, faculty, staff, and community on campus with a focus on social justice, dignity, and respect for all oppressed and marginalized communities.
  • Create strategies for addressing the issues impacting Arab American lives
  • Foster relationships between faculty, students, and Arab American communities