Programming and Events

Located in Stevenson Hall (701 S. Morgan), ARABAMCC is a space where students, staff, and faculty come to share, explore, study and relax. The ARABAMCC serves as a hub for the development and connection of diverse people and communities within UIC and Chicago abroad. The variety of programs that we offer operates as a form of cultural clarity. In sharing our histories and cultures with the community, we hope to both familiarize others with our identities and perspectives, and also be a guide for understanding how to engage with Arab-American people. Furthermore, we are designed to promote the issues related to Arab-Americans, as well as to expound upon and distribute the skills and resources that serve to address them. In this effort, the ARABAMCC engages other organizations within UIC and its surrounding community in order to build lasting partnerships that will allow for a greater influence for positive social change and to ensure the needs of Arab-American students are met.

For questions about our events or to plan an event with us, email