Campus Advisory Committee Members

  1. Amanda Lewis- Associate Professor, Department of African American Studies, Department of Sociology
  2. Sarah Abboud- Assistant Professor, Department of Women, Children & Family Health Science
  3. Sara Baghikar- Visiting Research Specialist, Department of Emergency Medicine
  4. Natalie Bennett- Director, Women’s Leadership and Resource Center
  5. Prudence Brown- Ph.D. candidate, Department of African American Studies
  6. Rosa Cabrera- Director, Latino Cultural Center
  7. Andy Clarno- Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, Department of African American Studies
  8. Rachel Havrelock- Associate Professor of Jewish Studies, Department of English, Department of Jewish Studies
  9. Mark Martell- Director, Asian American Resource and Cultural Center
  10. Nadine Naber – Professor, Gender and Women’s Studies and Global Asian Studies
  11. Nicole Nguyen- Assistant Professor, College of Education
  12. Junaid Quadri- Assistant Professor of History, Department of History
  13. Gayatri Reddy- Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology
  14. Karen Su- Clinical Assistant Professor, Global Asian Studies
  15. Roniciel Vergara- Executive Director, Center for Student Involvement
  16. Josephine Volpe- Director, Office for Advising Development