Submit Your Story!

In order to better understand how students, staff, and faculty at UIC are being affected by the Muslim Ban, the Arab American Cultural Center wants to hear your story. It can be a story of survival, support, isolation, hate, fear, chaos, loss, grief–we want to hear it all! We also welcome poetry and art that expresses your experiences. Submit your stories here to join us as catalysts of change!

All stories collected will be added to an open, public blog. No names or email addresses will be collected, so the stories and posts will be kept anonymous. Please DO NOT include any identifiable information in your post. You can view the compiled stories at

The Arab American Cultural Center intends to use your stories to better understand and identify your needs and develop resources for UIC students, staff, and faculty. To view resources that are already available to you and your families, friends, and communities (including counseling and legal resources), see our flyer, contact us directly at, or visit us at 111 Stevenson Hall.

Thank you!