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Photo of Samara, Eman

Eman Samara

Research Assistant

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers


Eman Alsamara is currently a Master's degree Candidate in Public Administration with a concentration in Public Policy. She has also completed her Bachelor's degree in Public Health with a minor in Political Science and Public Policy in 2018 at UIC. Eman served as a Teaching Assistant for undergraduate Arabic language courses from 2015 to 2018 and joined the Arab American Cultural Center during 2017 as the Communications and Social Media Director. Currently, she serves as a Teaching Assistant for an undergraduate level course in Criminology, Law, and Justice and as a Research Assistant for the Arab American Cultural Center. Eman has always been dedicated to the needs of Arab American students on campus since she was an undergraduate student. She has been a leader in educating the UIC community about the Arab American population and the issues they face in today's society and advocating for their representation on campus. Eman hopes to continue to develop programming and services for Arab American students on campus.

Eman supported the Center as a Research Assistant during Fall 2019.