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Sep 17 2020

Yalla Nitkalem (Let’s Talk) يللا نتكلم

September 17, 2020

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM


Virtual via Zoom


Chicago, IL 60612


Colorful border around the image with blue, light orange and beige tiles. In the middle the flyer lists the name of the event Yalla NitKalem, information about when it is and the topics per day. Center logo is on the bottom right. Registeration information is on the close to bottom left followed by contact information. Different arabic dialect translations of the words Yalla Nitkalem (let's Talk) is sprinkled throughout in black lettering

Yalla Nitkalem (Let's Talk)

Join the Arab American Cultural Center for a Virtual Weekly Hangout

Thursdays at Noon

We'll be sharing ideas, learning new things, talking about popular culture, listening to music, ranting about this and that.....

Sept 17 Arabic Dialects: How many ways can you say how are you?

Sept 24 Have you Seen Ramy? We’ve got to Talk!

Oct 1 Best Kunafah is from Where? (Ahla Kunafah)

Oct 8 Arab Actors Playing Muslim Terrorists in Movies: Say What?

Oct 15 Do Arabs Date?

Oct 22 Let’s Talk Music: “Arab Drake” vs Arab Rappers?

Oct 29 “No, I did not go to school on a Camel!”: Arab Identity in US

Nov 5 CCUSC Meet and Greet at the Kitchen Table

Nov 12 No Filter: Arab Beauty Standards!!!

Nov 19 Orientalism and 90 Day Fiancé!


For questions including accessibility needs, contact us at


Arab American Cultural Center

Date posted

Aug 24, 2020

Date updated

Sep 9, 2020