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Feb 26 2020

Tunjarat Tayta (Grandma’s Cooking Pot): Arab Street Food

February 26, 2020

3:00 PM - 4:30 PM


Arab American Cultural Center 111 Stevenson Hall


701 S Morgan St., Chicago, IL 60607


Top part has the writing in Red Tunjarat Tayta. Below that there are three images lined up next to each other, the first shows a dish of fava and garbanzo beans, the second show a man in a fez with a huge tea pot behind him, and the third shows lupino beans in a bowl and in three paper cones. Under that there is details about when and where the event is and the logo of the Arab American Cultural Center

Cook, Eat, and Learn about Street Food in the Arab World! Join us to learn more about Street Food in the Arab World and its History.

Event will include some food demonstration, preparation, and tasting as well as stories about Street Food and its class dimension, and role in our history and in nourishing our revolutions.

Space is wheelchair accessible. For additional information or questions, please call the Center five days in advance at (312) 413-3253 or email at:


Arab American Cultural Center

Date posted

Feb 12, 2020

Date updated

Feb 18, 2020